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where controversy is custom and worlds collide

The Salvador Dalí Community
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Welcome to the Salvador Dalí LJ community. Here, you may discuss anything relating to Dalí -- from his painting to his philosophy, his literal other half to his associates, his symbolism to his style, and anything in between. Use your own judgement as to what is appropriate to post.

There are very few rules, so try to respect them and everything will unfold without incident.

1. Do not attack anyone's personal view on any subject. If you want to carry out an intelligent conversation or debate without resulting to petty name-calling or prejudiced opinions, that is perfectly acceptable and indeed encouraged.

2. When posting, if it is not a introductory post (and even then), please keep on topic. You may discuss whatever you wish in the comments.

3. When posting a) extremely sexual or explicit material or b) more than one picture, please place it behind a cut.

4. You may post advertisements for new communities, as long as they have something to do with Dalí.

5. Write in proper English. There is no excuse unless it isn't your first language. Typing in random capital letters and abbreviating every second word will not be tolerated.

Beyond that, anything is fair game. Be aware that material with explicit or sexual content may be posted, and if you are offended by something, don't read it. This is a place to share and discuss opinions.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the community owner. (But if you delete your journal before leaving the community, I will remove you. Don't send me e-mails asking why you've been removed.)

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