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Well, since it didnt work yesterday. . .

I'll just post these again.

Haha, there you go.
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In terms of costumes, I like it. You could make the moustache, maybe more evened out and not so frayed at the ends.
All that needs a bit of fixing of the moustache, but from the looks of the clothes you got it down pat.
This is oddly attractive!
Hahahah, thats not the first time I heard that! Im blushing at the moment!
Awesome!!! I agree with the moustache needing to be evened out, though. Get a finer tip marker (or makeup brush, whatever you're using to draw it on with) to draw the moustache. ;)
I was thinking about getting a stick on mustache because it would probably be more realistic. . .or surrealistic. . .haaah