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A Dali Christmas [02 Dec 2011|01:26pm]

Salvador Dali Christmas Cards, anyone?


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help to identify, please [29 Aug 2010|06:47pm]

A painting from the Dali museum in Figueiras

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Dali and Brassai [19 Nov 2008|09:33pm]

This post may be of interst to follwoers fo Dali.

[11 Nov 2008|12:17am]



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Surrealist games experiments [08 Sep 2008|11:20pm]

Hi everyone!
I am currently experimenting on Surrealist games to explore chance and I want to see how other people respond to the games too.

Please go http://subtlewhims.livejournal.com/#entry_740
for the list of games.

Feedbacks and images of works will be great!

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venus [21 Aug 2008|10:42pm]

does anyone know where i can find an image of, or ideally order a print of, dali's painting of the venus? i saw it on display at the dali museum in FL like 4 years ago, and have not been able to find any mention of it since.

it was exhibited with the masterworks, on the back wall, it's a white background with the body of the venus suggested by various lines of different colors....it was simple, truthfully very different from most of dali's work, but i was speechless.

any help is appreciated. tia! :)

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[26 Jul 2008|02:01am]

I hope that you can help me. I'm looking to find a DVD with Dali's films in a collection. Maybe not all of them, but at least some. Amazon doesn't seem to have a great selection of anything Dali-related. Has anyone found a DVD like this? Thank you!

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Hello all! [17 Feb 2008|02:55pm]

I stumbled across this community while doing an interest search.  

Anyway, I love all things Dalí, (as I'm sure that all of you do), I read tarot cards with the deck he designed and "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate..." is one of my favorite pieces.

That's about it. =)

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The Fella with a Fiddle [24 Jan 2008|10:41pm]

Here is a link to a 1937 Warner Brothers cartoon that concerns a greedy, tax-evading mouse:

Here is a still from 3:03:

I may have gone mad, but the painting partially visible on the wall behind the mouse looks like a Dali to me--not just in style, but a specific work I recall (though not any usful information like the title). I spent about an hour searching the Philadelphia catalog, my collection of scans, and the Internet, but I could not find a match to it. Does anyone else recognize it, and can perhaps offer the title or a link to information about it?

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[12 Nov 2007|08:24pm]

hey guuuuys.

i'm working on my master study for one of my classes. and I'm using Dali as my master. (hehe).

The picture I want to use, is http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v615/bbmapathy/7f004443.jpg this.

BUT. i need a much bigger picture, and I haven't been able to find this sketch AT ALL.

so my question for you guys.

do you know where I can find the picture?

annnnny help will be very much appreciated!

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Virtual Dali [01 Nov 2007|03:27pm]

Recently I found this site and FINALLY I can contribute something to Dalinian


Most of his history is listed here in some form or another. Photos, Paintings, Biography, even Wallpapers (pretending that I haven't made 100's of my own already)


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ICONOCLAST (The Boyd Rice Documentary) [21 Oct 2007|05:35pm]

Dear Friends,

At Last...

The long wait is over!!

Please click this link below...

The trailer for ICONOCLAST (my Boyd Rice documentary) is now online.

The World Premiere is at WWW.ICONOCLASTMOVIE.COM

Please let us know what you think of our little love child and please copy/post/distribute our banner to help spread the word!!

All The Best,


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Well, since it didnt work yesterday. . . [12 Oct 2007|09:20am]

[ mood | tired ]

I'll just post these again.

Haha, there you go.

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Halloweeeeen [11 Oct 2007|09:41am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

So,for Halloween,guess who I'm going as? You guessed it!!
I havent quite got the entire outfit together yet, however, I tried it out the other night using an eyeliner pencil for a mustache.Oh yes,I know its kinda weird 'cos I'm a girl. . .

Please tell me what you think! It would be very helpful!

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So yes [09 Oct 2007|11:00pm]

I am quite a Dali fan, and I stumbled onto this community and I thought it'd be cool to join.

I have a question, however. Ive read several small bios on him, and only one of them (on IMDB) said he had a son. . .But the one on Virtual Dali said nothing about his son. I beleive his name is Jose, but does he exist?? Nobody seems to mention him at all. . .

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body art [19 Sep 2007|01:15pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So this is my Dali tattoo back when it was fresh in April.. just a peak of thigh and undies; nothing explicit :)

tattCollapse )

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[19 Sep 2007|12:35pm]

This was evidently published in Harpers in 1847. I don’t have any further information or verification of that, but it certainly is from a magazine of that period.

I would suggest that this was the source for Dalí’s dream sequence in Spell Bound.

The narrative content of the dream is strikingly similar, as is the artwork.

Dalí would hardly have been above such ‘borrowing’ (which is a euphemism).

The Surrealists loved to reuse these old magazine engravings, as in the collage work of Ernst and Klinger.

(large as this image is, it is a thumbnail; to see the original huge image,click on the download link at the type right of the screen: right clicking will not give you the full size).

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[19 May 2007|02:43am]

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[05 Mar 2007|11:34pm]
June 11 to September 16, 2007

Monet to Dali represents the most comprehensive showing of European painting and sculpture in Vancouver in more than half a century. Drawn from the superb collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the exhibition consists of more than 80 paintings, drawings and sculpture that demonstrate key examples from the European modernist movement. Organized into four groupings, this exhibition covers a century of art making from 1864 to 1964 and showcases important work by the major Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, early modern sculptors and avant-garde artists interested in Dadaism, Cubism and Surrealism. Most notably, the exhibition includes key works by Manet, Monet, Cézanne, van Gogh, Rodin, Picasso, Dalí and other renowned artists. Together, the works in this stellar collection illuminate the breadth of creativity in one of the most extraordinary epochs in the history of Western art.


This is a long shot but does anyone live around Vancouver? I am definitely not going to miss this gem.

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[23 Nov 2006|10:19am]

Am I the only one who fathoms profoundly Dali to be as magnificent a marksman of pen as he ever was a painter of excesses otherwise unrepeated?

'The Secret Life of Salvador Dali' is by far his most singularly fantastic fanatical creation, evermore so than his various and violently vivid brushstroke masterpieces. The tangled knots of sentences and thought never one feel forced, and always brim to the top of the pot, bubbling over with thousands of thoughts leering and firing like harpoons into your skeleton. Oh my!

The book (and his later ones, albeit to lesser degrees) also exhibit these sensation at-large. As a fanatic myself, I've always felt very related emotionally to the composure of his stream of consciousery. I'm walking a fine line here, don't worry, I'm not comparing myself to him, nor suggesting I'm of his particular height of hellish imagination. I will however imply his writing contains a certain familiar familial notion. I'd allow his mind into my bed for the night, if it so offered. What a carnal carnival of incoherency and hallucionary merriment!

The Secret Life is my specific favorite. Does anyone have another gold medal deserving selection due for screaming aloud about? Hidden Faces, maybe? Either of his two companion volumes to Secret Life?


It saddens me his middle-aged film projects with various collaborators, Walt Disney and the Marx Bros (Harpo in particular) never got off the ground. Have you any of you seen the Disney paintings animated to replicate as best as possible the script-notes Dali had written in preparation for the movie? Very interesting, f'sure, despite it's rough form and all.


I'm afraid of buying a straightforeward bio of Dali. I love his self-invented legacy and absurdist timeline of achievments and involuntarily psychotic reactions to those around him, physical or verbal. I know a clear thinking, rational writer would most quickly dash my hopes and blow out the candle of my imaginated grasp of his mammoth existance. Of so far I've found far more fun in reading only from HIS side of the story concerning every story he had to live to tell about.

Those of you who've mustered the courage to go by the way of the actual, did it make you any happier? Did it dash any wonderful beliefs you had held strongly in reserve for his character? I don't find any shame in living in the cloudy delusions. They mean just as much to me as any true version of a story would. If not MORE. What's so wrong with leaving your imagination to fill in the gaps? I can't rightly argue with my point. I vastly prefer it.

What'yall think?

PS: Everybody go out and get 'ORPHANS', the new Tom Waits 3 disc set. 30 brand new songs, just recorded. The rest all rarities and tribute recordings and outtake material. 56 tunes in all. A Dali fan would love it.

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